Weekday BREAKFAST  | 7-11am

artisan toast

2 slices toast: white | sourdough | soy & lindseed | fruit toast w/ butter and choice of condiments: PB | nutella | vegemite | berry jam | honey

flaky croissant

stuffed with smoked ham and cheese

bacon & egg toasted baguette 

2 eggs, bacon from the grill with sriracha mayo, tomato or BBQ sauce

egg toasted baguette

2 eggs fried or scrambled with spicy mayo and crunchy nori flakes

green & lean (v)

grilled veggies on sourdough: mushrooms, tomato, onion, wilted spinach finished with fresh avocado and a poached egg on top

ham or salmon benedict

ham or salmon with grilled baby spinach and a poached egg drizzled over with hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast


baked goods
banana bread, muffins and assorted baked treats 

see display for daily specials

Weekend BREAKFAST  | 8-11am

flaky croissant

stuffed with smoked ham, egg and cheese

the lot

grilled bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, wilted spinach, grilled tomato, fresh avocado, 2 eggs any style on toast

french toast

with berry compote, ice cream and maple syrup

classic stack

2 poached eggs, bacon, wilted spinach, tomato and fresh avocado with a sweet and tangy dressing served on sourdough

climb the ladder

layers of omelette, smashed avocado, sliced tomato and grilled eggplant on sourdough and our secret spicy mayo sauce

includes all items from weekday menu plus below

Menu  |  after 11am


  • chicken satay sticks (2)

  • stuffed golden chicken wings (2)

  • vegetarian spring rolls (3) (v, gf)

  • pork & prawn spring rolls (3)

  • salt & pepper seafood (king prawns & squid)

pho | beef noodle soup

  • signature rare beef

  • combo beef (beef, beef balls, tripe, tendon)

  • tender wagyu beef

  • chicken

  • vege (tofu, seasonal vegetables) *uses beef stock


  • chicken (gf)

  • vege *uses chicken stock (gf)

vietnamese beef stew

Tender beef chunks in hearty gravy served with a warm crusty baguette (gf option)

crispy chicken noodles

  • egg noodle soup (gf option)

  • egg noodle dry tossed in special sauce (gf option)

rice dishes (served with steamed rice)

  • lemongrass pork chop & sunny-side up egg (gf)

  • crackling pork with salad (gf)

  • crispy chicken with plain or tomato rice (gf)

  • shaking beef wok tossed with capsicum and pineapple

  • tempura crispy seasoned mushrooms (v) - choice of vegetarian or with chicken salt

  • fried rice with chicken satay/ or

  • seasonal veg, crispy salt and pepper tofu (v, gf, vegan option)

  • salt & pepper seafood (king prawns & squid)

fried rice dishes (served with wok fried rice mixed with egg and veg)

  • fried rice with chicken satay sticks

  • crispy salt and pepper tofu with seasonal veg (v, gf, vegan option)

vermicelli & salad bowl

rice noodle, fresh salad and spring roll with a protein choice and fish sauce on the side 

(gf) - all options:

  • choice of meats: 
    crackling pork | grilled pork | lemongrass beef | wagyu char grilled skewers | bbq chicken

  • vegetarian spring rolls (v) - ask for soy sauce

  • deluxe combination (crackling pork, lemongrass beef, bbq chicken)

banh mi | vietnamese baguette (weekdays only)

 crunchy baguette with pate, mayo, pickled veg and salad

  • crackling pork

  • bbq chicken

  • wagyu beef

  • tofu and avocado (v)

summer roll packs (weekdays only - 3 per serve)

light and healthy rice paper wraps with peanut dipping sauce

(gf) - all options:

  • prawn | crackling pork | bbq chicken | lemongrass beef

  • tofu and avocado (v)

we are proud to say that all of our dishes are MSG FREE

(v) vegetarian, (gf) gluten free, (gf option) - modifications for dietary requirements only

hot drinks

  • toby's estate coffee:
    espresso | macchiato | mocha | latte | cappuccino | flat white | single origin (weekly specials)

  • hot chocolate

  • T2 tea

  • special lattes: matcha or taro

home made cold drinks

  • vietnamese ice coffee

  • fresh lemon iced tea

  • coconut juice with flesh

  • moda sparkling water 750ml


home made fruit sodas

  • lychee rose

  • watermelon mint

  • house lemonade

cold drinks

  • affogato

  • iced long black

  • iced latte

  • iced special latte: matcha or taro

  • iced mocha with ice cream

  • pellegrino sparkling 500ml

  • ginger beer

  • orange / apple juice

  • soft drink can / still water